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International Collaboration for Education

The Western Science Center is now connecting with schools across the world.

The International Collaboration for Education is a new Western Science Center initiative that seeks to connect local Inland Empire schools with their international counterparts to foster research and understanding of different fossil resources!

The first collaboration was between students from the Western Center Academy in Hemet, CA and Colégio Elvira Brandão in São Paulo, Brazil – future collaborations will take place with schools across the world. The project has encouraged cross-cultural exchange between the two classes, from learning how to exchange greetings in English and Portuguese to exploring the different kinds of Pleistocene fossils found in both North and South America.

The students worked together to create their own exhibit using 3D printed fossil from the Western Science Center and other museums, and the the first I.C.E. Age Project exhibit is now open to the public!

Interested in participating in the I.C.E. Age Project? Contact Educator Brett Dooley at