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1 kit provides resources for an entire class

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The “Climate Change” teaching kit includes resin casts of 83 teeth and 10 identification cards. The original specimens are from the Virginia Museum of Natural history and the Western Science Center.

The kit is designed to be used for grades 4-13. Students are divided into either 3 or 5 groups, depending on the size of the class, and use the ID cards to name each specimen. Each cast has the state abbreviation indicating where it was found; all are from Virginia through Florida. They represent three different time periods and are color coded to indicate the time.

They must combine their data to get a picture of what fauna was present in each location at each time. From here they a guided through questions to recognize both climate and European influence altered the population demographics.

Detailed student and teacher lessons and diagrams to accompany the kits can be downloaded at the links below. The handouts and teacher’s guides can be freely used with attribution for non-commercial purposes only.