Snapshots in Time

Meet the Ice Age giants that lived in your own backyard! Snapshots in Time is a hands-on look at the fossil discoveries made during the excavation of Diamond Valley Lake. Meet “Max” the mastodon, make your own fossil, and come face to face with the natural history of the Inland Empire.

Hall of Archaeology

Take a journey through the recent past thanks to the Hall of Archaeology. Learn why dinosaurs were never discovered in Diamond Valley Lake and about a typical 1880s house in the Diamond Valley region. Travel farther back in time with the artifacts created and used by the earlier Native American residents.

Harley Garbani - Dinosaur Hunter


San Jacinto Valley local Harley Garbani spent much of his life excavating fossils with the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, which has become the basis for one of the Western Science Center’s collections. We are proud to display Harley’s legacy through original and replica fossils, including a skull of Tyrannosaurus rex.

The Western Science Center Theater


Two short films are shown every half hour in our circular, immersion theater with its 270-degree screen. Enjoy the animated Echoes of the Past, which transports viewers to a time when giant creatures roamed the area. The informative documentary, Discovery and Recovery provides an eyewitness view of the excavation at Diamond Valley Lake.