Welcome to the ICE Age Project, a Western Science Center program! Thank you for your interest in this exciting new endeavor. Use the resources included here to work on your part of the project.

We are a natural history museum in southern California with predominantly Ice Age fossils in our collection and exhibits. Join us in sharing 3-D prints of our fossil specimens with others located in areas with a rich, Ice Age fossil history.

We want to build an exhibit comparing and contrasting the Ice Age animals here in southern California with those from around the world and we can use your help! We need research done concerning the various animals from both California and your home region. When students in both classes work together to write about the animals you will learn a tremendous amount AND will create the basis for the text for the exhibit. You can add art work, diagrams, or other information you think is relevant. We look to be inspired by your research and creativity.


You will be placed in groups of 3 – 5 students to create exhibit text to go with fossil specimens of the animal you are researching. Some of the work will be done together as you communicate through Google Hangouts, while some will be done asynchronously using Google Docs. Through this process you will become familiar with your designated Ice Age animal, and also learn about each other and how your cultures are both similar and different.

Learn more about fossil resources from:



Southwestern U.S.A.

Southeastern U.S.A.

Midwestern U.S.A.




Rubric for Students (each group looks at one animal)

Rubric for Students (each group looks at whole fauna)


We look forward to the seeing your strength of research and creativity as you complete your text and images. Visit a local museum and appreciate all of the work that goes into exhibit design and construction! Once Western Science Center staff have completed the exhibit panels you will be welcome to see the fruits of your labor in your school or at our museum.